We all know that the best compliment you can get, is the GIFT OF REFERRAL.

Whether it be from clients or your fellow service partners, this is something that cannot be bought and worth gold to any business. A satisfied customer is after all the best business strategy of them all.

I am always humbled and immensely grateful for the support and trust I receive from the people I work with and believe that every job is a self portrait of the person who did it.

Whatever job you do, always autograph your work with excellence……

I have been a business owner for the past 15 years and have found it only a pleasure to work with someone like Nydia. I know Nydia for the past 3 years and in this time Nydia was managing an entire lodge including the upgrades and building alterations of the property. My involvement was that off being contracted to do various, joinery, furniture and other timber projects.

Nydia took up a more challenging opportunity at Lauradale in late 2015. I was again contracted by her to do various and very exiting timber projects. At all times I have found Nydia to have an extreme drive to get things done properly. Nydia also proved to have a very good feel for quality, finishing and detail. She managed a range of contractors, building teams and various service providers. I have always been impressed by how effectively she would manage people from all walks to get things done timeously with very short lead times.

Nydia shows a rare commitment to everything she tackles, she liaises very well with people and her outgoing and bubbly character attract positives results. I have no hesitation to recommend Nydia for any opportunity that comes her way. Nydia is easy to work with, .dependable, hard-working, conscientious and always friendly!

Chris Pienaar, Owner Innovative Interiors
I have known Nydia for over 3 years on a Professional / Working level . I was very impressed with her knowledge and management skills to cope with the everyday running of a 4* Guest house and still manage to oversee all of the renovation works with great ease . I found her to be very helpful and efficient with her organisation skills and passion for her work .

She was the driving force behind most of the design ideas and alterations that we worked on . From there we met again at Lauradale Farm also in Stellenbosch where Nydia was solely in charge of a huge renovation and building project from design to completion . A huge achievement when you consider the size and number of different contractors she dealt with . Nydia , also was heavily involed in the day to day set up of the estate which also employed 4-8 when I was there . I can honestly say without any hesitation that Nydia is a very focussed,passionate person who is 110% committed to everything she does.

Kevin Layton, Owner, KJL Electrical