Coming from 18 years of working in the Hotel & Hospitality Industry, Nydia eventually decided to leave the Hospitality industry in 2015 to do the thing that she has secretly enjoyed so much more over the last years of her career. Having the blessed opportunity to get involved in the renovation and upgrades at the Guesthouse she was managing at that time, was one of the best gifts Nydia still reckons she got. This allowed her to truly explore the career path that she enjoys so much and that does not feel like a job at all.

Swopping heels for construction boots was a very big leap of faith but being the hard worker that she is, no challenge was going to be too much for Nydia in achieving her dream of doing what she loves as a career. It was over a long run in the majestic vineyards of Stellenbosch, that the African Gypsy was born. African just because Nydia loves being an African and Gypsy for the mere fact that she is and forever will be Gypsy at heart, moving from place to place, offering her services where it is asked for.

Nydia knew on that moment that there was nothing that she enjoyed more than making things beautiful, creating something from nothing, merging the Old with the New and just be the ‘Beautifier’ that she was referred to by a client long before the African Gypsy even came to life.


A message from Nydia

‘I would like people and my future clients to always associate African Gypsy with good quality workmanship, excellent service delivery and a superior standard on the product they receive from me. I promise to always deliver better and more and leave them with no doubt that I will give them something more spectacular than what they ever could imagine”